Get cozy with Salep

Get cozy with Salep

Introducing Salep

BEST DRINK IN THE WORLD. Just add hot milk and enjoy this delicious drink anytime of the day. Relax and cozy up with Salep. Your senses will thank you.

What is Salep?

Our key ingredient is the powder made from the tubers of rare orchids found in Turkey and West Asia. Tubers are dried and grounded into a fine powder agent. For more than 6 centuries, everlasting Salep has been drunk around the world. Pronounced ‘Salepi’ in Greece, ‘Saloop’ in England, and ‘Sahlab’ in the Middle East.

Easy to make

Add 2 tablespoons of Ambrosiac Salep to one cup of hot milk. Stir well. Let the milk cool to drinking temperature and enjoy. You can also steam or microwave the milk. You can add or decrease the amount of Ambrosiac Salep to get your preferred texture.

Kids to Adults, Ambrosiac Salep is for All Ages